Dec 07 2011
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#61 The So-So Sailors: Young Hearts from Love Drunk on Vimeo.

Hear Nebraska does the ole double punch when it comes to Omaha’s indie rock band The So-So Sailors this week. With their EP-titled track “Young Hearts” becoming the latest installment of the Love Drunk series and a full feature from HN’s Steven Ashford, it looks like nothing but smooth sailing for these So-So’s as they cruise on into Slowdown Friday Dec. 9 to release their debut LP, Young Hearts.

The Love Drunk video above was shot in downtown’s Hot Shops Studios while the feature interview took place on a snowy afternoon at Leavenworth Bar in Midtown. The Sailors plan on making this release show quite the memorable experience, as each guest gets a copy of the EP with the price of admission. For more information on the show, click here.


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